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House Rules

Dear guests,
We are pleased to welcome you a pleasant stay in our camp.
To ensure a pleasant stay for all the guests, we invite you to follow the house rules:
- On arrival, every guest has to registrate at the reception. Any visitors that may be received by the guests of our camp, must inquire at the reception.

- The camper takes the control number at the reception, which he has to keep exposed in a visible place in the allocation unit during all stay in the camping. Control number is for entering and exiting the camping and it can be used for one car only, your own. You are kindly asked to take good care about the number, do not loose it or damage it. In case of the control number missing or damaging, we will be obliged too charge you for a new control number.

- The payments can be made from 07.00 am to 12.00 pm for the departures on the same day, and for the departures on the day after, those can be made from 12.00 pm to 20.00 pm. The check out of the camping pitches is valid untill 12.00 pm, for mobile homes untill 10.00 am. For any further permanence extension one more day will be calculated. The camper receives the bill for the settled invoices.
- The areas for the camping equipment placing and for the car parking is regulated exclusivelly by the camping reception staff, according to the camp units' availability or within the unmarked areas in the camping.

- It is forbidden for the campers to change the camping pitches on their own will, without the camping reception staff permission.
- The camper has the obligation to take care of his own belongings and of the camping's equipment.

- Camp Slanica does not take any responsibiliy for the missing or damaged belongings of the campers, or for possible accidents or injuries in the camp which have been provoked by the camper'€™s personal negligence.
- Silent time in the camping lasts from 12 p.m. till 07 a.m.

- The maximum speed allowed is 20 km/h.
Please keep the space you are using clean. Don't close or obstruct with tents or vehicles the accessing pathways, especially access to the coast and the sea.

Follow the house rules in the toilets. (symbols and signs)
Only an authorized camp employee is allowed to execute connecting or disconnecting of units to or from the power box, or check if it works properly.
Have to register their pets at the. Dog owners are obligated to keep their dogs on a leash, and to keep them. Dog owner is absolutely responsible for any damage caused by his dog.
Open fire is strictly forbidden. Barbecueing is allowed only on gas or electrical grill.

Consequences of the disrespect of the rules of order in the camp

• The campers have the obligation to follow all of rules of order in the camp.
• In case of any disregard about the prohibitions regulated by these rules happens, the camp managament is allowed to cancel the permanence of the respectless camper in the camp.
• In case of the reservation cancellation, the camper is obligated to pay a compensation for the caused damage.
The camper can make a complaint concerning the camp efficiency in the complaints book which is at the camping reception.
For all the other information, please, address to the camping reception.
We would like to thank you for your attention and wish you a pleasant stay in Camp Slanica!

The campsite €œSlanica€ is located in the most attractive bay on the island of Murter, famous for its two beautiful sandy beaches amid a thick pine forest. It is only 10m from the sea shore and 2 km from the town centre.



Camp Slanica

Podvršak 8
22243 Murter

Mob:   +385 98 336 636
Tel: (reception): +385 22 434 205

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